7th Certified NBI® Practitioner Training, August 2018


We’re pleased to inform you, we’re going to organize our 8th NBI® Certified Practitioner Training Program from 11th to 13th August 2018, at Park Plaza, Faridabad, conducted by experts of our parent organization from South Africa. We offer you to be an Independent Trainer with this Nobel Prize winning module.

The Whole‐brain Practitioner Training Course teaches and certifies individuals in using the NBI® instruments and it gives the individual the right to use the Whole Brain Instruments a facilitator, coach, trainer or consultant.

The training is a very practical, hand-on course that focuses on understanding and applying the NBI® methodology and prepares the participants to:

  • Improve its interpersonal interactions which are indispensable to the success in organizations, schools and even in one’s personal life.
  • To counsel others and analyze their thinking preferences.

Insight into personal thinking preferences can put your business ahead of the pack on a variety of fronts and can be applied in almost any area of business, such as:

  • Team building
  • Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Recruitment
  • Staff retention

After completing the training, participants will receive a licensing certificate which accredits them to be an NBI® practitioner, benefitting them:

  • Self- earning opportunity
  • Serving to society for a noble cause
  • To act as a coordinator with WOW Factors

In addition to the training you will receive:

  • 110 pages Whole Brain Practitioner Workbook
  • 3 NBI® Profiles (exclusive of 1 individual NBI profile for the participant)
  • Whole Brain Practitioner Licensing Certificate
  • Access to the WOW Factors e‐newsletter

You will be trained in the following NBI® Instruments:

NBI® Adult Instrument Profile

NBI® Parenting Style Instrument Profile

NBI® Creativity Style Instrument Profile

NBI® Personal Negativity Instrument Profile

NBI® Eating Habits Instrument Profile

NBI® Personal Skills Instrument Profile

NBI® Job Instrument Profile

NBI® Senior Student Instrument Profile

NBI® Junior Student Instrument Profile

NBI® Teacher/Trainer Instrument Profile

NBI® Leadership Style Instrument Profile

NBI® Young Child Indicator Profile

NBI® Learning Style Instrument Profile

NBI® Relationship Style Instrument Profile



Date             : 11th-13th August, 2018

Timings         : 09:00Hrs to 17:00Hrs

Venue           : Park Plaza, Faridabad, Haryana - 121002

Batch Size     : 25‐35


  • The participation fee/ participant is Rs 55,000/- applicable taxes
  • It includes:
    • Lodging and boarding from 11th to 13th August 2018
    • 2 Nights 3 Days
    • All Meals
    • Study Material
    • Course Content
    • Certification
    • Three Profiles (each worth Rs.5,000)
  • The course fee is chargeable on per participant basis.
  • Rooms will be available on basis of dual occupancy.
  • Mode of Transport up to value to your account that you can facilitate on your own.
  • All payments should be made in advance through a Demand Draft/ cheque in favor of “WOW Factors India Private Limited” payable at New Delhi at the time of registration for the training.

To download the complete brochure with registration form, just CLICK HERE