24th Annual International Creativity Conference

10-12th October 2018

Klein Kariba Resort, Bela- Bela, South Africa



ACRE (African Creativity Conference) is organized by the South African Creativity Foundation and WOW Factors India powered by Dr. Kobus Neethling Group, South Africa (world leaders in "Whole Brain Thinking"). This is one of the most prestigious and longest running Creativity Conferences in the world (this will be the 23rd year!).

This Conference represents a perfect platform for delving into radical creativity, creating industry ripples, measuring innovation impact and determining which ideas will matter in the future.

This year the theme of the conference is "There is no Substitute for Creativity" because we strongly believe that if we all start to create more positive future images, the future will indeed be kind to us!!!

It will host more than 30 international creativity and innovation leaders, presenting cutting edge topics and facilitating a wide variety of workshops, that offer enriching content on various topics ranging from business innovation to deconstructive marketing techniques.

The Conference also offers a "hub" area where experts are available throughout the day for private one-on-one consultations so that you can take the most of this opportunity and develop the necessary skills to bring creativity to your professional and personal life.


Below are a few of the presenters and their topics that will take you to the edge of creativity and prepare you for a far better future than you were expecting!

  • Mahmoud Arafa (Egypt/USA)-Persona that sells: Developing a persuasive persona that conquers challenge. Simplicity can give you the most sophisticated solutions.

  • Alan Black (USA)-Back from the future with creativity: Your future is yours to create. Start with the impossible and make it possible!

  • Tara Coste/George Fish (USA)-Creativity across cultures: What is different and when does it matter. Examine sources of difference. Explore when and why difference is a challenge.

  • Bonnie Crammond (USA)-The Past, Present and Future of Creativity Assessment: Trace the history of creativity measurement, examine the different types of assessment according to the 4 Ps, project some future movements in developing measures (electronic, comprehensive, multimodal).

  • Tim Hurson (Canada):What’s the question? Designing questions to supercharge your creativity: Guaranteed! The art of asking good questions. Explore the discipline of designing truly productive questions – questions that open worlds of creative possibility.

  • Rosemary Rein (USA)-YOU-phoria or 2020 vision: Seeing the future first. Master the Future by Winning the hearts and minds of employees, customers and community.

  • Cora Robinson (Ireland)-Coaching to create a better future: Apply the latest business applications of NLP that support the provision of stimulating, creative, relevant and participant focused coaching. Support your clients in preparing for a future that is better than they think!

  • Fernando Sousa (Portugal):-Building the future using the “Project Incubator”: Bring the appropriate people (with authority, knowledge, skills etc) together with goal information using a rigorous working method, and they will create authentic strategies for addressing concerns for the organisation.

  • Herman van den Broeck (Belgium)-Social and Emotional Intelligence: How to create an energy giving atmosphere. Improve the quality of your decision making. Inspire your employees, co-workers – see more opportunities, be more productive.

  • Ed Wiseman (USA)-Applied Creativity to Improve Your Future Success: Creativity techniques to improve your future success in any area that you choose. Home, work or at play, it works anywhere & everywhere!