Why Choose NBI®




  • Kobus Neethling’s whole brain research was inspired by Dr. Paul Torrance, generally regarded as Mr.Creative of the 20th century. Dr Torrance stated in 2001 that Dr. Neethling had taken whole brain research way beyond anyone else.
  • The NBI is predominantly a developmental assessment tool to gain Whole Brain Insights. Here, the ultimate objective is to understand the thinking preference which finally is the cause of any action - the NBI is the perfect tool to set this process in motion.
  • The NBI very accurately indicates the person’s thinking preferences in different quadrants, and the resulting implications of it. It further specifies the brain quadrants where the person is not dominant and the results of the lesser preferred quadrants.
  • The NBI is the largest battery of Whole Brain Instruments in the world (assessing whole brain skills, leadership, parenting, job suitability, and different kinds of sports- and virtually anything which one can think). There is no need to search for support instruments because the NBI covers everything.
  • Kobus Neethling developed NBI based on the profiling of more than 200,000 adults and children from a number of countries. Ongoing research at a number of universities and institutes remains an essential part of whole brain science at present. The NBI is scientifically sound, very easy to use and understand and very accurate.
  • The NBI has the 8-dimension assessment. It gives the person a far more accurate and detailed profile than any 4 quadrant assessment tool.
  • The NBI differs from other tests in a way that it not only measures the thinking preferences but also provides reasons for their scores and the scope for developing them.
  • NBI doesn’t measure good or bad, nor success or failure. Taking our assessment will not reveal any negative secrets about you, and without even assessing you, we can provide you with a bit of inside knowledge: “There is absolutely nothing in you that can be described as bad, or will lead you to failure.”
  • The NBI is applicable to children from the age of four to adults of any age Group and available in 18 languages and is currently used in more than 33 countries.