Each one of us is wired differently. Our approach is different in decision making, problem solving, career selection and interaction with people Whole Brain Thinking gives us an insight into the ways to use Whole Brain not just a part of it. To develop the ‘Whole Brain Thinking’ pattern in any individual, it is important to evaluate existing thinking preferences. This online test-instrument has 8 dimension patented model: participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective, efficient, equitable and inclusive.


●A full color profile of your personal thinking preferences
●An in-depth description of  your profile and scores
●An interpretation of the implications that your results have on you on your life in both-personal and professional sense



To make them aware and provide them solutions for following:

●Why well learned teachers many a times not accepted by the student?
●Why teachers and students are having an “Understanding Gap”?
●How teachers can make their class session an interesting one?
●How to understand your student better as a teacher?
●What are the psychological parameters one should know to be a good teacher? How to implement them?


To make them realize and hand them practical solutions for:

●How they should know “Who they are?”
●What are their thinking preferences?
●How to enjoy the studies and focus better?
●Which Subject should be good to make their carrier and why?
●How to improve development by understanding own weaknesses?
●How to learn effectively?
●How to develop the whole-brain mental edge in your support

Useful for:

●Business Leaders
●Decision Maker
●Senior and Middle Managers
●Policy and Strategy Makers
●Sales and Marketing Professionals
●Entrepreneurs Benefits
●Developing Effective Teams
●Improve Tolerance Power
●Resolves Conflict in Personal and Professional front
●Improve the level of Creativity and Leadership in each individual
●Develop the Whole Brain mental edge in business
●Improve development skills by understanding own weakness
●Retain valuable employees

The aim is to effectively develop and maintain:

●Act towards other people or in certain situations
●Do business
●Would manage in a certain career
●Solve problems
●Make decisions

●Get a good understanding of how they prefer to think
●Develop a positive self-image
●Make the right subject choices
●Develop whole-brain creative thinking
●Become creative thinkers
●Act with determination as per thought process
●Deal more effectively with difficult situations and expectations
●Deal more effectively with stress
●Make the right policy choices
●Interact with members of the same and opposite gender with tact and skill
●Develop administrative skills so as to succeed in 21st century

●Gives insight into What, Who, How and Why of your group’s behavior
●Gives opportunity, at a very early stage, to create a whole brain environment for your group and yourself
●Helping you understand what whole-brain discipline, communication, activities, relationships- and a whole-brain life- are all about when it comes to the eight-facet philosophy of successful governance.


●Gives individuals an ultimate edge in grasping Glocal challenge
●Gives unique insights into the thinking preferences of your target groups
●Enable you to understand why and how one group differs from another in the way they communicate, act and react.
●Enable you to create an ideal environment for the administration to function
●Facilitate whole-brain creativity in doing and thinking
●Enable you to fill the gaps at an early stage

●Recognize and accept the changes from 20th to 21st century
●Be aware of the physical and mental development stage of a child at a specific age
●Involve them into suitable activities to excel and expand their Whole Brain
●Understand the importance of unconditional love towards child’s growth  irrespective of their abilities


●Brings you and your spouse back to good communication or relationship.
●Makes you understand how and why you and your spouse behave or think in  a specific manner, recognizing the dominant brain quadrant of both and improving oneself in the least preferred one.