About Us

Welcome to WOW Factors.

Empowering Businesses, Educations & Individuals.

WOW-Factors™ India Private Limited is the exclusive licensee for the Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®), the most comprehensive battery of whole brain thinking instruments in the world which works under the guidance of Dr. Kobus Neethling, winner of the “Distinguished Leader Award”. He has developed the highly acclaimed instruments based on the work of Prof.  W. R. Sperry of the USA, Nobel Prize Winner in 1981, and Prof. Paul Torrance of the USA. Our aim is to help individuals understand their thinking preferences and the implications so they can make personal and professional decisions that result in increased performance, productivity, satisfaction and Tolerence.

WOW-Factors™ India Private Limited has a team of professionals, who for many years were captains of industry and were at home in the corporate environment saw the need for an efficient and result oriented business development training, particularly in the small business sector. They decided to pursue this passionately not only as a career and a business but in the interest of developing a young India. Today, we focus on all business sectors, small and large.


To deliver excellent service by regularly raising industry standards through development of people.

To provide world class brain development tool that works on theory of AAA (Assessment, Analysis & Action). Implications of these tools are virtually limitless and can be used in all spheres of life such as parenting, relationship, education, sports etc.

  • To partner with educational & business organizations and build enduring relationships by providing exceptional services.
  • Our core focus activities include business development, career guidance & HR solutions.
  • The aim is to make students as well as professionals aware about thinking patterns of their own self and about other people so as to develop skills to awaken their hidden potential.
  • To build an outstanding organization that attracts and nurtures highly talented professionals by way of providing growth opportunities for all team members by encouraging their hard work.
  • To create lasting relationships with our business partners by ensuring alignment of objectives and business practices.