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Creativity Conference

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Beyonder Creativity Programmes


Our programmes are tailor-made to fit the needs of any organisation or individual. Although our focus is mainly on company wide initiatives, we do offer short (4-6 hour) and 2-3 day courses for smaller groups and individuals.

All of our courses include an in-depth brain analysis of each candidate and focuses heavily on and the development on the mind power techniques and the skills to become 8-dimensional person.





Dr. Kobus Neethling


Whole Brain Thinker

President of the South African Creativity Foundation.

Developer of Largest battery of Whole Brain Instruments in the world (used in 30 countries) including the acclaimed 8-Dimension Brain Model.


Shankar Goenka



Country Head of WOW Factors India.

Conducts training's on Relationship, Parenting, Team, Happy Life, Leadership & Whole Brain Thinking in various Corporate's & Educational Institutions.



Our Exclusive Profiles


Adult Preference Instrument

The NBI® General Adult instrument offers insight into the way you prefer to think, and increases your awareness of and sensitivity to, the thinking preferences of others.


Parenting Instrument Profile

The NBI® Learning Style instrument provides insight into your learning style and issues that are important to you when studying, as well as identifying where there could be room for improvement.


Leadership Profile Instrument

The NBI® Leadership Style instrument provides insight into your leadership style and issues that are important to you


Cricket Profile Instrument

The various NBI® Sport instruments gives insight into the way you prefer to think during the game, and will make you more aware of the thinking styles of fellow players.

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Student Profile Instrument

The NBI® Student instrument measures your thinking preferences as a young student (10-15 years). The NBI Student instrument does not include the 8 dimension.


Creativity Profile Instrument

The NBI® Creativity Style instrument provides insight into the way in which you are creative. The instrument identifies the type of creativity

  • Loved it on the whole. However, your lines “we live dying and die without having lived has inspired and touched me in to my core heart. Thank you and I wish you bring the changes to many other lives.

    SunithaJain Heritage,Hyderabad

  • This was very good session, in this session we learn how to work life balanced, and we learn more about parenting, time management, listening, skills. Next, we learn from this session is live life freely without stress. We learn how the Brain control our body parts and how to overcome our hurdle in our life.

    Mrs.V.M.Snehalatha Jain Public School

  • It was enriching, wonderful experience worth the noble profession wherein we could explore our own self to reach out the society and make our contribution as “Nation Builder” .it was really wow!.

    Mrs. Saroj Rani NHPC Pvt. Ltd.

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